by Bonnie Kiefer

My Services include:

~ Equine Massage Therapy

~ Behavioral Reformation

~ Whole Horse Evaluations

~ Rehabilitation Guidance

~ Grooming Services

~ Riding/Schooling/Showing

~ Lessons, Coaching at Shows

    . . . and more

Welcome to my page . . .

Welcome to my page . . .


Freelance Equestrian Services

Serving Central Florida and Southeast Florida

Does your horse . . .


...have a mysterious lameness? Has soreness or an unresolved behavioral issue?  Throws/tosses its head and hollows its back? Braces against the bit?  Tucks its head behind the bit? Feels stiff? Has a lack of range of motion? Doesn't bend well?  Is unable to perform maneuvers to the best of its ability?  Looks or feels tense/stressed? Ducks out of work or runs off, bows up, bucks or kicks out? Acts nervous and/or flighty or scared? Flinches, turns away or runs off when approached?  Does not handle with ease? Has a sour expression, pins its ears, bites/nips, is girthy or grumpy?  Paws or strikes out?  Shows aggressive behavior? Is losing or has lost weight?  Or is your horse showing any other signs of poor performance, pain or odd behavior?


OR... is your horse in great shape, performing well and just DESERVES a good massage?


IF you answered YES to any of the questions above . . .

. . . then your horse could definitely benefit from one of my sessions

I can help your horse with any/all of the above mentioned . . .

I  am able to resolve issues immediately, with some things taking more time due to needing continued help

from you as the Owner as well as your horse's handlers and equine service providers in order to resolve more difficult behaviors




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I make trips to the following areas:

central florida areas

southeast florida areas

All other areas of Florida, please inquire about

scheduling a visit to your barn



“...I trust the life of my horses to Bonnie.  She has an amazing gift with horses, her attention to detail is above the rest in my opinion. "

                                                     ~Sue S.

Parkland, FL


​"...You really have to be ready when you work with Bonnie because Yes it is very overwhelming at first but that's her way and then you get to realize this is everything you should have already been doing for your horse, and more. "

                                                                   ~Amber L.

Orlando, FL


"I rescued a thin and abused horse in 2018. He was severely underweight, had ulcers and was in bad condition. I tried many things to help him but it wasn't until I had Bonnie come and work on him that I saw a difference, not only in his appearance, but also in his attitude and the way he carried himself.  He has flourished and it has been amazing to see him develop.  

Thank you Bonnie, I couldn't have done it without your help, you've been amazing!"

                                                          ~Emma F.

Winter Garden, FL


"Bonnie was very effective when I needed help with my horse.  She helped my horse physically as well as emotionally and made a tremendous difference in my horse's performance.  I highly recommend her for any physical issues your horse may be having or if you need a good riding coach.  She does it all and has the experience to prove it!"

                                                          ~Adele F.

Palm Beach, FL


"I met Bonnie hesitantly and guardedly at first via a trusted colleague.  I quite thoroughly put Bonnie 'through the wringer' of her claims to 'help horses with difficult issues' of which I am embarrassingly often plagued with at my private barn.  Over several occurrences we encountered in our dealings and interactions between one another, some differences in methods and opinions quite vast, (this section was edited down to save space) To my surprise, Bonnie persevered as confident and true in her intuitive feelings regarding how to heal my delicate creatures. After some  time, Bonnie has demonstrated her methods to be deserving of her claims with the accolade as a top advisor for my beloved equines."

                           ~an Equestrienne in Wellington, FL


"Bonnie has the magic touch and REALLY knows what she is doing!  She provides you with a very detailed print out of exactly what she worked on and provided suggestions for treating an illness that you might have missed!"

     ~Paul Daniel Gold

Palm Beach, FL



"If your goal is to get to know your horse Bonnie is 100% your partner in doing so.  I can't tell you how much I have learned from Bonnie over the years and if I had to put her training into one or two sentences it would be that She taught me how to listen to the horse, their needs, and their wants, in order to obtain the best results for horse AND owner. Bonnie literally has an answer for everything and values your horse as if it were her own. I've NEVER been more confident in any trainer and I know anyone would feel the same that is lucky enough to call her your trainer."

                                                          ~Kimberly K.

Orlando, FL




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