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Help with behavioral issues (( coming soon ))
Show Grooming Videos (( coming soon ))


I am searching for barns that offer gorgeous equestrian backdrops to tape my videos and would like to extend you the offer of one of my equestrian services complimentary per video in exchange for the opportunity to film at your location.  I will be happy to mention your barn name and location if requested.

Please email, call or text me if you are interested...

Here is a "must watch" video

by Jochen Schlesse . . .one of my favorite videos explaining proper saddle fit and placement

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Proper Saddle Fitting & Placement


by Jochen Schlesse


Soreness in the horse's body, lameness issues, poor performance

and some undesirable behaviors can directly be caused by

poorly fitting and improper placement of the saddle.



Pre-Riding Exercises   (( coming soon ))


It only takes a few minutes to incorporate stretching

and relaxation techniques into your routine before exercise and riding

to help warm up your horse's muscles and assist in a better range of motion.

Here is my suggested routine . . .



Relaxing your horse's head   (( coming soon ))


There are many benefits to relaxing and desensitizing your horse's head . . .

This video explains my reasoning and shows some of my personal methods.



How to gently stretch your horse's limbs   (( coming soon ))


There is a proper way of stretching your horse's limbs gently and safely.

This video explains HOW, along with some of my personal tips.



Neck Stretches   (( coming soon ))

These neck stretches greatly improves your horse's range of motion in its neck which helps stretch the top line and helps when riding to improve neck flexion for better relaxation of the poll and easier bending maneuvers.



Belly Lifts and Hip Rotations   (( coming soon ))

Lifting and strengthening your horse's spine is crucial in helping

your horse develop its top line to support carrying your

weight and creating roundness.



Checking your horse's tack   (( coming soon ))

It comes full circle when you consider your horse's level of comfortability

as it pertains to healthy muscles and optimum performance

This relies partly on properly fitting and clean tack.

This video explains WHY, along with some of my personal tips.



Benefits of ground exercise prior to riding   (( coming soon ))

Allowing your horse to first warm up on the ground prior to riding

is helpful and beneficial for a wide range of reasons.

This video explains my personal view on this, along with

some ground exercise recommendations.

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