Horses  for Sale and Lease

BE a proud owner of a great horse!  OR, enjoy leasing a horse and gain the experience without the full time committment of being an owner.  Many of these horses are used in my lesson program and have flexible and affordable lease plans and lesson options. 


I am happy to help you connect with your future horse to purchase or to lease.  If you do not see a horse here that you have an interest in, please contact me and I will help you find a suitable horse. 


Guidelines for Leasing are listed at the bottom of this page.

Disposition Levels (1-10):

Level 1 = Extremely calm, nearly bomb proof        Level 10 = Extremely spirited/excitable


" doc "


Registered Quarter Horse



15.3 hands

13 years old

Disposition - Level 2


Doc is a very quiet and safe horse.  He is easy and comfortable to ride at the walk, trot and canter and is very light and responsive.  He swaps leads when asked.


Doc is best suitable for Intermediate riders.  He jumps up to 3'6" and is available for shows.  He can also be ridden on trails.


Leasing options for Doc:

$200/mth (2 rides per week)

$300/mth (3 rides per week)

$400/mth (4 rides per week)

Leasing Guidelines

  • All riders must sign a Lease Agreement and Release of Liability form.


  • Riders leasing a horse must be in a lesson program to continue leasing each month. 

       Required lessons are as follows (you may take more lessons than the minimum requirement if you wish):


               Beginner Riders:  Each ride must be in the form of a private lesson until proven you can ride independently

                 Intermediate Riders:  2-3 private lessons per month or as needed (semi-private or group lessons optional)

               Advanced Riders:  1-2 lessons per month or as needed (private, semi-private or group lessons optional)



  • "Trial" lessons prior to signing the lease are necessary to make sure the chosen lease horse is suitable for you and to go over handling, ground care, grooming, tacking, riding, bathing, layup, etc from start to finish.


  • Lessons are counted as one of your lease rides.


  • Required lessons must be completed by the end of each month to continue leasing, with the exception of emergencies and dangerous weather conditions.


  • Leased horses might be used for Lessons and may have specific riding time availability and special accommodations that will be discussed for each horse.


  • Missed lessons do not roll over to the next month unless in the event of dangerous weather or a personal emergency - to be determined on a case-by-case basis.


  • There will be an initial 30 day lease trial period to determine if you are a good match for your leased horse. 


  • Semi-Partial and Partial lease plans are on a month to month basis.  Full Exclusive leases require a minimum of a 6 month commitment.


  • Riding time varies depending on the time of year due to heat or amount of daylight.  Please ride within these time frames (to be discussed).


  • Riders leasing horses are expected to treat the leased horse as if it were your own.  You will be expected to groom, tack and bathe the horse during your visits as well as top off water buckets, turn on fans, help apply any medications, boots/bandages, assist with cleaning the stall, etc.

  • Tack that is borrowed for the leased horse must be cleaned after each use.  Using your own tack is fine as long as it fits your horse and is approved by the horse Owner and Trainer.  You are responsible for fixing or replacing anything you have damaged, broken or have lost.


  • Leasing begins at the beginning of each consecutive month.  Payments are due on or before the 1st of each month. Lessons and other services and fees are to be paid out separately.


We reserve the right to change lease terms, cancel or discontinue the lease at any time, for any reason, if necessary.

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© Venture Equestrian.       (407) 538-1942        Created with