Whole Horse Evaluations

by Bonnie Kiefer

Specializing in helping horses with difficult or mysterious issues

and behaviors that have been hard to pinpoint or resolve.

Results are immediate.


A Specialty Service

for the health and

wellness of your horse . . .


I would love to help enhance and excel your horse's overall performance through a combination of discovery, massage therapy, observational advice and a collaborative plan tailored to help your horse

This optional Whole Horse Evaluation is COMPLIMENTARY with a paid Equine Massage Session. (opt IN by request)


The Evaluation covers the following areas of your Horse's life:


* Environment, Surroundings & Accommodations (stall, turnout, barn areas, etc.)

* Feeding & Supplements

* General Health

* Discussing any concerns you may be having regarding your horse and

   working towards resolutions

* Handling

* Grooming

* Any Vices and/or Undesirable Behaviors

* A Tack Fitting Assessment

* Exercise and Conditioning Program

* Riding/Training

* ALSO >> Includes 1 optional and complimentary additional service (click below to choose)

   . . .  and much more~!


NOTE:  this Evaluation is best suited for the open minded individual willing to accept outside observations regarding all aspects and details of the horse's life, regardless of the individual's experience, title, name or status within the Equestrian Industry.  Please understand that the purpose and intention of my Evaluation is to help bring awareness on behalf of the horse that could result in new discoveries and help for the horse.

** Even the smallest of things (to US) can mean HUGE things to your horse **


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