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My horse won't stop moving around, swishing his tail and acting up when I groom, what is going on?


Grooming supplies can help offer a relaxing and enjoying grooming session, but they can also cause irritability, sensitivity and even pain.  Does your horse swish its tail, stomp or paw the ground, try to bite or kick, lift up as in an expression of anticipation or anxiety about grooming?  Does your horse try to step all over the place to avoid being groomed?  Does your horse pin its ears or just seem grumpy, irritated or unhappy during grooming?  Well, NONE of these things should be going on, and if so, you're horse is trying to tell you that something or many things are making him uncomfortable.  It could be the item itself and possibly the pressure or use of the item.  It could be the approach, the timing or other factors.  Either way, when clients ask for help with their horse during grooming, it comes down to these main factors: 1) the lack of daily desensitization and unfamiliarity of being groomed, 2) the approach, technique and pressure when using the grooming item, 3) the grooming item itself is making the horse uncomfortable.

For example, I notice especially in Thoroughbreds, they seem to have highly sensitive coats and prefer soft, slow gentle moves using grooming supplies with no hard edges or bristles.  They seem to prefer things like soft clothes, soft/flexible rubber curry combs, gentle mane & tail brushes, sheep hair, etc.  I personally never use any harsh materials such as metal or hard plastic grooming tools or brushes more than a soft brush listing.  I also prefer to use a horse vacuum as the first step before using grooming tools.

Here is a wonderful brush I absolutely LOVE...It is called the "Haas Diva Exclusive Soft Brush". The inside material is lambswool and horses love how it feels on their coats.  For clients who have asked how to help their horses who are grumpy during grooming, this brush has offered immediate relief as a starting point to helping their horse enjoy grooming.  I have one that I leave as-is, and one that I have cut the bristles down around the edge lower than the lambswool for the ultra sensitive coats.  You can order this brush through SmartPak and other retailers.

Haas Diva Exclusive Soft Brush > > >

Below are a few of my favorite grooming supplies...








I also use other grooming supplies including my favorite fly spray, clippers, hand scissors, Shur Hoof conditioner (contains pine tar, fish oil, turpentine and iodine), small bucket for clean water, a spray bottle with water, small shavers, bot comb, rubber bands, hair bands, sunscreen, a tail bag if needed plus any topical ointments that I may need, etc.



UPDATE >> please check back here for a highly requested video showing my

Show Grooming Techniques (( currently in progress ))

Below is a video showing some of these relaxation techniques for just the head and poll areas.  Try this on your horse every day, as often as you feel the need.

Horse vacuums

Soft, flexible

rubber curry comb

with LOW bumps,

(not spikey or sharp)

Various soft brushes

Haas Diva

Exclusive Soft Brush

(for ulta sensitive coats)

Tack sponges

for eyes, ears, nostrils

and private parts

Double sided

comfort grip hoof pick

Double sided

mane & tail brush

(at Walmart in the ethnic hair supplies section)

Spray bottle for

mane & tail conditioner

Contains a sleeking conditioner, detangler

Mane tamer

easy on/off,

halter attachment

does not create sweat

Head and poll relaxation:


What is the quickest way to help my horse relax on the ground?


I have noticed that horses build up a lot of tension in their head and poll areas.  It seems to feel so relaxing and calming to them and these techniques are simple enough for to do on your horse every day using long, soothing pressing and pushing methods.

Below is a video showing some of these relaxation techniques for just the head and poll areas.  Try this on your horse every day, as often as you feel the need.

Head and poll relaxation: