** Beneficial to all horses at any level of leisure and performance **



     Benefits of Equine Massage Therapy:


  • Immediately relaxes your horse and offers instant relief from stress

  • Helps resolve mysterious lameness and behavioral issues

  • Improves your horse's range of motion and muscle elasticity

  • Improves circulation and helps prevent damage to muscles

  • Allows your horse's muscles to recover and repair

  • Prepares your horse to excel in its performance

  • Brings an awareness to any areas of your horse's body

       that may be sore, tight or in pain

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my 2020 FLYER:

Does your horse have a mysterious lameness, soreness or unresolved behavioral issue, toss its head, buck or rear, feel stiff, has a lack of range of motion, flinch or acts nervous, does not handle with ease, ducks out of work, bows up or hollows its back, have a sour expression, pins its ears, bite/nip, brace against the bit, not bend well, runs off, looks or feels tense/stressed or scared, is girthy or grumpy, is losing or has lost weight, is unable to perform maneuvers to the best of its ability or show other signs of poor performance, pain or odd behavior?


OR, is your horse in great shape, performing well and just DESERVES a good massage?


IF you answered YES to any of the questions above . . .

. . . then your horse could definitely benefit from a whole horse evaluation

that includes a great massage




Affordable Rates:


1st/Initial Session $80  (this is a one-time charge to set up the comprehensive report)

Approximately a 2 - 3 hour session

Follow ups and Maintenance $60

Duration depends on each horse

a trip charge may apply

NOTE >> an Exclusive Day at your barn is offered at no extra cost when you guarantee 3 or more horses for the day

What is Included in the Session?

  • A thorough complimentary consultation (via phone)

  • Desensitizing and helping with any behavioral issues if needed

  • A full body hands-on massage

  • Assessing and focusing on any areas of concern until they are relieved

  • Range of motion exercises and gentle stretches of the head, neck and limbs

  • Belly lift and hip rotation exercises

  • Head and neck stretches with treats

  • A tack assessment

  • A full comprehensive report that includes my observations with recommendations in support of helping your horse

Trainers and Horse Owners >>> As part of what I do, I offer the opportunity to have in-depth discussions regarding any aspect of the horse's life in support of their overall well-being as it pertains to healthy muscles, their exercise and riding/training program and much more.  Don't worry, I've got you and your horse's back!

     HORSE OWNERS...  Important TIP:

 I recommend having your horse massaged (before) 

   a chiropractic visit for uptimum results    


2-for-1 MASSAGES

for your Horses > > >

HERE are some special rates as a first time client to help you try out my services:



Travel fees are WAIVED if your horse

is located inside the purple circle (click to enlarge):



ARE YOU Interested in getting additional (and FREE) help with everything regarding your horse's life?   IF SO, I offer an optional, complimentary

Specialty Service called a "Whole Horse Evaluation"

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Equine Massage & Behavioral Therapy


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