FAVORITE THINGS... here just a few of my favorite products, tools and anything that I love using on horses....

Electro-Groom horse vacuum . . .

This is my ultimate favorite grooming tool~!

I always start with a vacuum first, before using any curry combs or brushes or wipes.

Using a vacuum greatly reduces your grooming tools from getting dirty. The vacuum immediately pulls dirt and debris out of the coat and brings up the horse's natural oils, creating a mirror-like shine.


It also helps the horse relax once they have gotten used to it and gives them a massage-like feel.

Soft, flexible curry comb with low grading . . . 


I prefer using a soft, flexible curry comb, but only the ones that feel like "butter" to where I can bend and squeeze them in my hand which feels better to the horse than hard ones.


I also make sure to pick the ones with the low grading, meaning the rings of "spikes" are low and soft as well and are not sharp on the coat.


TIP>>> Never bang the dirt out on a wall or around the barn, it will make a nasty dirt mark.  Instead, scoop out any excess dirt from between the grooves with your finger, sponge or cloth and/or knock out the excess against the side of your other hand.


Haas Diva Horsehair & Lambswool brush . .  .


I LOVE this brush for so many reasons. The main reason is because of how plush it is and the positive response I see on horses with coat sensitivities or for the horses that show grumpiness during grooming.  They  no longer flinch, move, stomp, swish their tails or try to bite or kick out when using this brush.  I love showing owners their horse's before & after response between their current brushes vs. the Haas Diva brush.


TIP>>> I personally prefer to cut down the outer ring of bristles so they are lower than the lambswool.  This  helps the horse feel the plushness of the lambswool first.  Especially because over time, the lambswool tends to sink back lower to the base of the brush.  NOTE: after cleaning this brush several times, it may come unglued from the base, but  it can easily be glued back on. 

Evolve Dual Sided Paddle Brush . .  .


I believe in preserving every single last hair on a horse's forelock, mane and tail.  I have a daily routine just for those areas, especially tail care.


I never use metal or hard plastic grooming tools, especially on their tails where they can get knots and spindrals quickly.  When I do need to use a brush on their hair, this double sided brush gently and effectively sifts through the hair with minimal hair loss vs. other hair brushes.

NOTE:  one of the things I notice that snags tails when brushing is because the artificial bristles have ball shapes on the ends, which I feel snag the hair.  This brush does not,  they have straight bristles to the ends, which helps it to be more gentle.


TIP>>>  You can find this brush online or at Walmart  and sometimes local drug stores and beauty supply stores 

Small, soft round tack sponges . .  .


I always have a pack on hand!  They are in my groom bag, the tack room, the wash rack, etc., and I give these to with anyone who doesn't already have some to try them out.

Other than for cleaning tack, I primarily use them on a daily bases...one each to wipe out the eyes, over the mouth/muzzle and insides of the ears and nostrils.  I keep a separate few for wiping out the undercarriage in the teats or sheath area and under tails.  They are super soft when dampened and wrung out.


TIP>>>  Try these sponges at home when washing your face!  I use these sponges for my facial skin care routine because they feel so soft and comfortable : )

Equi-Clean Grooming Wipes . .  .


I adore Equi-Clean Grooming Wipes! I can't say enough great things about them. They are so convenient and they do their job. I love them during horse shows when I am heading to the arena for last minute polishing and don't feel like hauling a full groom bag around. I just take a few of the wipes with me instead. It's such a relief to have them around with their multiple uses. I love using the wipes intermittently during my horse massage sessions, especially after working my hands deep into the horse's coat where sometimes debris is brought up.


There are so many other situations working with horses where these wipes are super handy and effective, but the most important thing is that they WORK. They clean off the coat and offer a nice sleek feel. One thing I have noticed when I use these wipes, the horses get an instant expression as if they were thinking 'aaahhhh'. I love anything that improves the lives of horses and highly recommend everyone to try Equi-Clean Grooming Wipes!


TIP>>>  you can also use them to wipe down your boots and tack. . .



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