"Whole Horse Evaluation" . . .


Whether you are an Owner, a Trainer, an Equine Professional...no matter how much we already know and have experience with, there will always be ways to improve our horses' lives, no matter how small or minor it may seem.  Would you agree?


More than "just an Equine Massage Therapist", I strive to go above and beyond your expectations by incorporating ALL aspects of your horse's life into my equation as it pertains to healthy muscle, great overall body function, desired behavior, optimum performance and the horse's overall mental and physical well-being. . .  I truly care about your horse in every way.


With your horse's best interest in mind, my observations are based off of my 40+ years of acquired experience and knowledge in the equine industry.  More specifically, being brought up around show barns and having been trained/coached and worked under some of the best Trainers in the Industry, allowing me to appreciate and  incorporate the finest of details into my horse care management techniques.  It is within recognizing and practicing such details where I find horses to be at their very best!



Whole Horse Evaluations are FREE  **by request**

when you purchase  an Equine Massage Session at normal price ($80 a 1x initial fee)

HOW the Evaluation works (approximately a 3 hour initial session):



​~ Phone Consultation ~ a few days prior to the scheduled appointment, I'll ask a series of questions about your horse and take notes.  This can take up to 20 minutes on the phone but this gives me that much more time to spend with your horse when I show up and allows me to understand your horse better when I begin my observations.

~ Meeting you and your horse ~ when I arrive at your barn, you can show me around...everything from your horse's stall and turnout area, round pen or ground work area, the arena, feed room, tack room, grooming supplies, etc., all the while talking with you to learn and understand more about your horse first-hand.



~ Equine Body Assessment ~ I thoroughly look your horse over and make notes on his/her general condition, disposition, etc. and take a few profile pictures for reference. These details are especially useful information for tracking purposes as we work together towards your horse's progress.


~ Tack fitting assessment ~ (saddle & bit/bridle), I briefly look over your choice of bit & bridle and their condition and share with you helpful saddle placement tips during the tack fitting assessment since even the most minor of a finding could be causing a huge reaction in your horse. 

** NOTE>>Tack issues have been the #1 issue I notice in new clients horses causing certain problems in the horse's body and certain behaviors, including such things as saddles not designed to fit the contour/shape of the horse,  saddles with a narrowing gullet channel, improper placement of the saddle and bits that are either not a good fit in the horses mouth, is causing the horse to behave in undesirable ways, have sharp edges, causing pain or are broken, etc.  I will help you understand if tack is a contributing factor and if so, I will offer solutions.


~ Full body hands-on massage.  During this phase, you are more than welcome to stay during the massage so that I can share my observations with you while in the moment and for you to witness the immediate relief your horse is receiving, or you can leave temporarily and return at the end of the massage for me to share with you my findings during the massage.  You are welcome to be a part of the final stretching exercises if you would like to learn the techniques.  At the end of the session I will demonstrate the great improvements to your horse's behavior, suppleness and overall improved range of motion and movement in general.


Full, comprehensive report ~ This report will be tailored to your horse for you to keep for your own records, emailed to you in the form of a PDF.  All of my observations will be clearly defined along with my best tips, suggestions and recommendations in support of continuing to help your horse.

Additionally, you may request the following as part of the initial Evaluation time and I can offer some tips for you to apply:

Observing you handling your horse and your interaction together, observing you groom, lunge, ride or observe what might be happening for those of you who are seeking help for why your horse may be having an undesirable behavior...


. . . OR, if you have anything else you would like help with concerning your horse, just let me know

The additional service can be performed the day of the Evaluation, or at another time.

** A Whole Horse Therapy session can achieve IMMEDIATE & AMAZING RESULTS~! **

Below is a perfect example of what immediate results can look like . . .


In this example, a client dedicated to helping her horse that she had rescued, tried suggestions that I had included in my report since she opted IN for me to include as much information and advice I could offer. 

When following up with her after 2 1/2 weeks, I was incredibly proud and happy of the improvements this sweet horse had already made!

Are you willing to OPT IN?


Opting IN means to me that you are willing to be open minded to outside observation, allowing me to fully observe everything regarding your horse's life.  This will allow me to offer my best advice on products & information and send you links to resources in support of my observations.

It's incredibly important to me that you know and understand my purpose is to advocate for the horse as my priority.  It does not matter who you are regarding your name, level of experience, or your status or title in the Equestrian World . . . What matters is that we both think collaboratively on behalf of the horse and through the horse itself.

NOTE:  Understandably, if you feel you might take any of my observations personally, then this service may not be the right choice for you.


The initial Evaluation is a one-time service.  After the initial session, you may request a follow up at any time or continue working with me with any of my other services normally and I will be happy to incorporate monitoring of the progress. 





in only 2 1/2 weeks . . .



        BEFORE            AFTER

in only 2 1/2 weeks . . .



        BEFORE            AFTER

I'm looking forward to helping your horse, too~!

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