Payment is due at time of Service. I do not Invoice.

2020 Rates:


Please Note:

Additional travel fees and accommodations paid may apply.

Clients are responsible for purchasing all tack and supplies as well as horse and rider memberships,

equine transportation fees, hotel fees, grounds fees and other show related fees (to be discussed).

Non-refundable deposits may apply. Prices may vary depending on location of home barn and show location.

RIDING LESSONS / 1 hour (duration depends on Rider)

Private Lesson (mandatory for Beginner Riders) ~ $45

​Semi-Private & Groups ~ $45 (per Rider)

Split Training Lesson (we both ride) ~ $45


Schooling Session ~ $25 (duration of session will vary)

Includes detailed grooming, maintenance clipping as needed, handling & ground work, a mini massage and stretching exercises, lungeing when needed, tacking up and tack cleaning, riding warm-up/workout/cool-down, hosing/bathing, mane & tail care, application of medicines as needed, hand grazing and lots of TLC~!  

Owner provides all necessary tack & supplies.


Trainers Fee ~ $40 per day, includes show day prep, schooling rides as needed and assistance with feeding, stalls and misc. chores at the show when available

Class Fee (I show your horse) ~ $10 per class



Coaching Fee ~ $75 per rider/per day, includes1lesson, post class critique and assistance with show day preparation when available

Exclusive Day $200 (first to request with non-refundable deposit)

per day, includes individual and personalized attention throughout the day , lessons/coaching and class critique throughout the day, assistance with show day preparation and packing up after the show.


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