Art & Design Services Available:

In between working with horses, I design & create professional level artwork for clients

using my wide range of acquired traditional and digital art skills...

Here are a few samples of my work:

Logo Design:

Photo transformation into an Art piece:

My client sent the 3 pictures (below) of her beloved horses and asked me to create an artsy piece that had a painted look to it....

These are the photos she sent me to work with:

About this piece....

To be consistent, I could only use the photos of these horses from their necks up.  The horse to the far left had passed away awhile ago, so I decided to make an artistic decision to give that particular horse a "heavenly haze" that matched the mauve color tone of left side of the background while leaving her other 2 horses in their current colors that matched the warmer tones of the background towards their side of the picture.   I sent my client many different stylized versions, but she loved the paint technique of this one and will be making prints of this image for decoration in her home.

Marketing Ad Design:

Photo transformation into an Art piece:

Original photo from client:

About this piece....

For this project, my client requested all brown tones and her shadow removed from her horse.  I made other minor tweaks and she loved the artistic flair and details I created and the artsy paint style background.  She had the piece printed on a 36"x 36" canvas and it hangs in a special area of her home as a tribute to her beloved horse.

Completed stylized photo...


My rates are very fair and affordable and are based off of each project as a package

on an individual bases depending on the amount of work and time involved.


Please contact me for a complimentary consulation

if you are interested in these services:

Digital Art Services:

Traditional Art Services:

Marketing Design & Layout:


           Book Art

           Business Cards



Digital Design:


           Photoshop Compositing

          Photoshop Enhancement & Editing

           Creative Design


3D Digital Art:


          Character Concept & Design









           Art Design & Layout

           Content Creation

           Editing, Formatting

           Website Critique




            Creative Direction

            Project Management




          Polymer Clay





           Water based only (no urethane)




          Regular Pencil, gray tones

          Pastel Pencil