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Bonnie advocates for horses and is obsessed with helping them in any way she can. 

She currently travels the state of Florida (mainly between Central Florida and Palm Beach Florida areas) offering Equine Massage & Behavioral Therapy, Whole Horse Evaluations and Rehabilitation Guidance.  Her other services include Schooling Rides, Grooming, Exercising & Ground Work, Conditioning & Handling, Riding Lessons and Coaching at Horse Shows.  Upon request, she also shows horses. She enjoys working with owners and their horses, riders on school horses and with trainers on their own personal horses who are open-minded to outside observation and constructive input.  She enjoys spending quality time with each horse and each client and is always reaching out to new clients who are like-minded in improving the lives of their horses and putting their horses first.  She provides her clients with personable, individualized attention. 

Massage Therapy ~ Bonnie became a Certified Equine Massage Therapist in 2014 during the time when she purchased a show horse in desperate need of rehabilitation.  After having several therapists help her horse, it dawned on Bonnie that her life-long experience with horses provided a huge foundation of which she not only could help her own horse through his rehabilitation but other horses as well through the miracle of massage therapy.  She studied the Jean-Pierre Hourdebaigt video series, Equinology, and studied the methods of some of the most renowned and respected professionals in the industry regarding Equine Massage such as Jim Masterson's "The Masterson Method" and several others whos methods Bonnie felt she would like to emulate and expand upon. She took a course with Susan Smith-Massie and continued researching and practicing on her own horse and her friend's horses as well as many other horses in need of immediate help in order to gain experience.  She has been helping so many horses ever since and especially enjoys helping horses with more difficult issues.  She receives calls for her massage specialty when concerned horse owners or trainers who's horses are experiencing challenging, mysterious or very serious issues have been hard to pinpoint or resolve.  She offers immediate help for the horse, and then relies on each horse owner to provide follow up care through her recommendations noted in her comprehensive reports.  She continues to study the methods of well known and highly respected massage therapists in the industry and firmly believes in how beneficial massage is to the performance and well-being of every horse.   She works directly with horse trainers, veterinarians, chiropractors and other equine service providers to ensure the best outcome for each horse's continued health. 

NEW Services ~ since COVID-19, Bonnie has added a few new Equestrian Services in 2020 including offering horse care services to clients who do not have enough time with their horses and need help.  She also creates custom equine sculptures and designs professional level marketing ads for Equestrians in her spare time.

Bonnie's  early history with horses . . .

Bonnie's parents often brought her to nearby barns to pet the horses.  Then, she was put on a pony ride at a carnival when she was 5 years old . . .She distinctly recalls the pony, the smell of horses in the air, the leather smell of the western saddle, but most importantly, she remembers the amazing feeling it gave her while riding the pony....and that's when her obsession with horses began~!


At 6 years old, Bonnie joined the Rochester Riding Academy in Michigan where she learned the details of caring for horses, unknowingly at the time for show level horses which became "normal" for her to practice as a daily routine.  To this day she is extremely proud to have learned such level of care as a foundation to care for ALL horses regardless of their age, performance level or status at a barn.  She continued to take lessons at show barns when her family relocated to southeast Florida, over time riding many horses of various breeds, shapes, sizes, personalities, levels of training and disciplines throughout her teenage years.  She gained a solid foundation with Hunter/Jumpers and then was introduced to successful Quarter Horses trainers in Broward and Palm Beach counties around 1986. During those years she learned cross training techniques between English, Western and Dressage disciplines for optimum results.  She also gained tremendous experience during her time as a Thoroughbred race horse groom and exercise rider at a race track in Palm Beach.  She says "...I learned more about horse care and managing high maintenance, high performance horses while working at the race track than I almost have my whole life working with horses..." She continued working with high performance horses at Hunter/Jumper barns and Quarter Horse barns, working her way up to training positions in the area while also schooling and showing horses independently for herself and for her own clients.  Bonnie developed a special understanding of helping horses and honed in on her own method of reforming horses with behavioral issues as well as helping horses in need of rehabilitation.


During the 90's Bonnie rode young Grand Prix level jumpers under the guidance of local jumper trainers in southeast Florida and received almost 4 years of sole Dressage training. Soon after, she spent 2 years riding Cutting and Reining horses in both Florida and Georgia.  She has successfully shown horses in Jumping, English Pleasure & Equitation, Hunter Under Saddle, Western Pleasure & Equitation, Trail Course, Halter and Showmanship.  Although she does not profess to teach or ride Dressage, she has been applying the principles of Dressage to all of her riding and instruction ever since.


Several professional positions Bonnie evolved into over the years included Barn Manager, Riding Instructor, Assistant Trainer and Head Trainer for barns in Florida located in Davie, Ft. Lauderdale, Coconut Creek, Parkland, Boca Raton, Delray Beach, Boynton Beach, Loxahatchee, Sarasota, Ocala, Orlando, Kissimmee, St. Cloud, Winter Garden, Clermont and also in Forsyth, Georgia.  Her own training techniques are extremely similar to renowned horse trainer Julie Goodnight and Richard Spooner and gives credit and mention to a few key horse trainers who impacted her career the most throughout the years including: Lynn Foster, Jimmy Torano,  Donna Phillips, TJ Mallet, Dave & Kim Moore, Mike Hawkins, Mark Stevens, Susan Steele, David Sparks, Rusty Howington and Casey Moore just to name a few, which Bonnie had either worked for, received lessons and/or intense training from or who helped ground her with being extremely detailed, polished and compassionate in her work with horses, which she highly regards to this day.

carnival in Michigan (circa 1974)

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